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Sicilian Tiles Catalog

Browse our catalog of Sicilian Tiles. Handmade Caltagirone tiles.

In addition to the collection and decor, you can choose the format and the substrate such as terracotta most suitable for wall cladding and lava stone most suitable for indoor and outdoor floor covering and piascine decoration.

  • panels-targets-and-numbers

    House Numbers, License Plates and Panels

  • series-carretto-sicilian

    Sicilian Cart Series

  • series-patchwork

    Patchwork Series

  • series-sicula

    Sicula Series

  • series-Hispanic

    Hispanic Series

  • series-moresca

    Moorish Series

  • series-basic-simple

    Basic simple series

  • series-monocolor

    Monochrome Series

  • collection-tozzetti

    Tozzetti cm 5×5