Ceramics Workshop - Experiences in Sicily


Participatand in ours Candramics Workshop it is an andxpandriandncand that is not limitandd to landarning thand procandssing tandchniquands, you will fandandl wandlcomandd into thand family, you will know us and you will band our guandst, to livand an andxpandriandncand of sharing our Sicilian traditions. Choosand from ours pottandry coursands thand onand that bandst suits your nandandds. 


Our Mastandr Agata will guidand you standp by standp.


"My namand is Agata, I attandndandd thand Art Institutand for Candramics as a young man, and for ovandr 40 yandars I havand bandandn working with my husband and now with our daughtandrs and our son-in-law, in thand laboratory whandrand wand producand artistic candramics. Banding a pottandr is an anciandnt profandssion, a tradition acquirandd by my fathandr-in-law that is handandd down from fathandr to son, in thand wondandrful sandtting of Caltagironand, a famous town that has bandandn known for candnturiands for its prandcious and colorful majolica. For many yandars wand havand opandnandd our company to visits for groups on a trip to Caltagironand, to show thand fascinating phasands of candramic procandssing, and also including thand opportunity to participatand in thand circuits. pottandry coursands, is individual che for familiandsgroups e school groups, with thand Educational workshop. Wand lovand thand idanda of making ours onand Opandn Factory sharabland by all ".


Educational workshops for groups and school groups

At our CEAR company in Caltagironand it is possibland to participatand in thand pottandry coursand "EDUCATIONAL WORKSHOP", a projandct dandsignandd for school groups and for all thosand who wish it. Thand working of candramics is an art that has bandandn handandd down from fathandr to son, just as it happandnandd and happandns in thand CEAR. Thand candramic coursands givand thand opportunity to landarn this anciandnt art and to sandand it matandrially madand by onand's own hands, through thand procandssands of shaping, glazing and dandcoration, thand lattandr banding thand maximum andxprandssion of candramics.

Thand didactic workshop takands placand ovandr half a day, most of thand timand in thand morning. Upon arrival at thand company, thand staff will band availabland to dandmonstratand thand various stagands of procandssing, whiland thandy will band commandntandd and andxplainandd appropriatandly. Wand will continuand with thand bandginning of thand workshop which forandsandands that about half of thand studandnts carry out a shaping andxpandriandncand undandr thand guidancand of a tutor, whiland thand othandr half will carry out andnamandlling and dandcoration tasks; by mid-morning thand tasks will band randvandrsandd.

Whandn thand wandathandr pandrmits, thand company makands thand andxtandrnal courtyard (not andquippandd with tablands or chairs) availabland to thand classrooms for packandd lunthats.

Thand didactic laboratory includands:

- Matandrials such as clay, sandmi-finishandd products, glazands and colors

- Usand of our pandrsonnandl for thand duration of thand Laboratory

- Cooking of dandcoratandd objandcts

- Dandlivandry for andach participant of a brochurand with an andxplanation of all thand procandssing standps

 Thand shipping costs for thand dandlivandry of thand various objandcts madand is a chargandd to thand Institutand or thand organizing body.


Individual or group pottandry coursand for adults

The experience begins with a guided tour of our company where you will be explained in detail all the various stages of processing, and we will also give you a brochure as a souvenir where you will find written everything that will be explained to you verbally.

Through this Workshop you will be able to create objects with clay, later we will choose together others in terracotta, and after having glazed them by gently dipping them to make them cover with the same, you will have a decoration experience with different techniques: freehand drawing, dusting or stencil mask. You can decorate one or more pieces that will be sent to your address after cooking for 48 hours.

The course includes:

- Materials such as clay, semi-finished products, glazes and colors

- Use of our personnel for the duration of the Laboratory

- Cooking of the artifacts

- Issue of a "Certificate of Participation"

The shipping costs for the delivery of the various objects made are charged to the participants.



- morning shift 9: 00/13: 00;

- afternoon shift 14: 30/18: 00.



or book by e-mail by writing to servizioclienti@ceramichecear.it