Who we are

A family tradition

CEAR Ceramiche Azzaro e Romano Srl has reached the third generation of the Romano family that continues in the production of ceramic products in Caltagirone, summarizing all the technical and artistic experiences achieved in over 40 years of craftsmanship. A tradition that is handed down from father to son in one of the oldest human professions. In 1975, Marcello together with his wife Agata, took over the activity of his father Pino, now retired, esteemed and appreciated Painter and Ceramist who in Caltagirone left several testimonies of the highest artistic value, with his allegorical majolica panels, which still today give luster in the urban furniture of the city. In the 90s, the daughters Giovanna and Anna also joined the family business following their graduation, as did Cosimo Azzaro, who became a son-in-law. Today, already in the fourth generation, the grandchildren begin to approach this profession with the hope of continuing it further into the future.


 CosimoAzzaro GiovannaRomano

Cosimo Azzaro

Giovanna Romano

Production & Decoration 
Shipping & Packaging
Designer, decorator
Production Production

 MarcelloRomano AgataAmato

Marcello Romano

Agata Amato

Founder, Commercial Management Decorator & Master Workshop
Administration Production and Training

 SilvioAzzaro AnnaRomano

Silvio Azzaro

Anna Romano

Photographer & Post-production
Photographer & Account Manager
Planning & Design
Development Development, Promotion and Sales

Producing Ceramics in Caltagirone involves greater responsibility due to the awareness of always having to work giving the best of one's professionalism. This allows to keep the target of a production range that falls within the canons of the millenary tradition of Caltagirone ceramics, but which at the same time points to innovation with an adaptation aimed at modern times. Today Caltagirone enjoys a prestige conquered with the inventiveness and the great artistic ability of those who over the past centuries have begun to write the history of ceramics with their own work.

CEAR ceramiche offers a wide range of products with lines for the table and for interior and exterior furnishings, with decorations and colors faithfully anchored to the Calatina tradition but revisited in a modern key.

A separate discussion deserves the line of hand-decorated tiles for floors and walls, which reproduce the most beautiful motifs drawn from their own tradition, whose roots are visible in the Spanish tradition and above all in the Arab one, which at the time of domination in the south Europe, especially in Caltagirone, transferred a great wealth of technical and artistic knowledge.

Thus was born our colorful collection of tiles with the Sicula, Hispanica and Moresca series for the covering of bathrooms, kitchens, floors, terraces and trendy rooms, rich in ornamental motifs, color combinations, and classic or more modern styles to adapt to different needs of each of our customers. 


Buying Ceramics in Caltagirone today also means appropriating an important piece of history and culture.